Established in 2008, the Professional Forwarders International (PFI) Network was launched for small to medium sized Freight Forwarders so they could together as one present a global seamless service to all their clients across the world with the added value of personal service. In any office in any country you can be assured you will deal with professional people directly and not be treated like a number, all our members work together and all value your business!

Why Join PFI?

PFI offers its members a commercial flexible network;- international freight forwarding development from within, whilst maintaining valuable and established relationships outside. A complete and non exclusive option that is conducive to today's international business environment. Apart from the exceptions of China and the USA, the maximum number of agents per country is 2 meaning business is not diluted away with multi agents in every region.

Group Benefits for Member Agents

We are proud to share with you that the PFI Network is represented with over 600 global offices in more than 160 countries worldwide, providing one of the most comprehensive networks available in global logistics networking today, and with the added bonus of offering one of the most competitive membership costs!

Our group has coverage in virtually all major ports and airports worldwide, and certainly in all major strategic cities and countries.

Group Assurances

Neutrality is guaranteed, as no Freight Forwarding Company is involved in the Groups management or ownership.

All our members are requested to sign the Groups Code of Conduct, which duty bounds all to act as an honourable member.

Many of our new memberships come via internal recommendations, which add further comfort levels when dealing with new associates.

We have an extensive entry vetting procedure, and all our potential members must demonstrate good credit history and the ability to offer a total Freight Forwarding Structure.


Our AGMs (Annual General Conferences) enhance and develop personal and business relationships to consolidate and stimulate the groups overall business dynamics.

Since 2010, our members have met across the world in India, Thailand, Mexico, Malaysia, Dubai, Portugal, Latvia and India again to meet and discuss ways to develop trade lanes together and better evolve the Network for the benefit of everyone.

Our next and 9th AGM will be held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands between the 29th of April and the 3rd of May 2018.

More details to be announced later.


This group breaks from the average mould that networks should have several agents in every country, even every city.

That agents be subjected to exclusivity clauses and other onerous rules and regulations that inhibit an individual companies international development.

That they should cost a large annual sum, a joining fee plus an additional costs for extra office locations.

PFI can and does offer a simple alternative to all the above.

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