We have the world behind us.

Network Cloud Release

We're proud to announce the long anticipated Network Cloud module from Buytasker is now live, we will announce the launch to our Members soon with full training and webinar dates to be scheduled shortly.

In a world of automation, PFI presents personal service on a global level.


More Than Just Networking.

There are many freight networks out there, but few offer the close professional ties and deep relationships that exist within the Professional Forwarders International Group.

Established in 2008, with 618 offices in 184 countries, PFI offers its members a truly global coverage coupled with a network of highly professional and trusted agents ready to work with you.

Professional Forwarders International.


Meeting Up.

Our AGMs (Annual General Meetings) enhance and develop personal and business relationships to consolidate and stimulate the groups overall business dynamics.

Since 2010, our members have met across the world in India, Thailand, Mexico, Malaysia, Dubai, Portugal and Latvia to meet and discuss ways to develop trade lanes together and better evolve the Network for the benefit of the agent members and their clients.

Why Join Us?

PFI offers its members a commercial flexible network;- international freight forwarding development from within, whilst maintaining valuable and established relationships outside.

A complete and non exclusive option that is conducive to today's international business environment.

Apart from the exceptions of China and the USA, the maximum number of agents per country is 2 meaning business is not diluted away with multi agents in every region.

Join Professional Forwarders International.

We have the world behind us.

PFI breaks from the average mould that networks should have several agents in every country, even every city.

That agents be subjected to exclusivity clauses and other onerous rules and regulations that inhibit an individual companies international development. That they should cost a large annual sum, a joining fee plus an additional costs for extra office locations.

PFI can and does offer a simple alternative to all the above. To enquire now about membership and vacancies please Contact Us.

More Than Just Networking.

Of course we can say anything we like, but don't take our word for it! Click here to see first hand the organisation and success of our 8th AGM held in Latvia.

PFI continues to grow and be successful, we hope you will consider to apply and be part of this wonderful global journey we share together!