Agents Criteria

Membership opportunities depend on which country (and in some cases city)
that you are located in.

Our criteria for applicants are that we seek professional long established companies who are highly motivated to develop international business. Companies must have been in business for a minimum of two years and above all else, they wish to embrace digital forwarding, and all aspects of it. They must be extremely reactive to all communications and can provide an excellent credit history.

Finally companies will need to be committed to invest in attending all our annual conferences to further develop relationships and business within the groups.

Preference will be given to long established companies who are NOT members of multiple networks. Ideally they will have good office location coverage in their home country and posses IATA , FIATA licensing and have ISO or other professional accreditation. They must demonstrate they can perform and offer all modes of freight forwarding services. Any agent who cannot will see their agency open to a duel agent to a secondary agent * who can perform the service(s) that the applicant cannot offer.

*Applies to Five Star and PFI agencies only, as GSFN is an open network.