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How do Networks in the Five Star Group differ from all other Networks out there?

We are the first Network in the world to fully integrate with the Buytasker system and bring about all the amazing benefits to our members that come with that.

What benefits can I expect if I join?

Full access to digital forwarding, be exactly where the industry is heading and without great cost to you because the Network has invested in the technology, so you don’t have to!

What will digital forwarding bring me?

Access to send and receive RFQs faster than ever before, with the capability to access multi sources at the same time, saving time and resources for your company. Plus multi layered benefits which are disclosed on application.

What if I have already purchased and use a digital platform already?

The Buytasker system via AI talks to and integrates with any other global platform, so you do not have to sacrifice what you have invested in, a simple process allows everything to talk to each other.

What about the Network Pay System?

This smart system allows you to pay or be paid internationally within 25 seconds, in 25 global currencies, and without bank charges. It is also scam free as prior to any transaction being released; an OTP is sent directly through the system to the relevant accounts person responsible for any international payment. So this ends any chance of email ghosting to create scam payments for the future.

How about the exchange rate used for the payment in Network Pay?

Network Pay uses international clearing houses who will always offer a more favourable x/r rate than banks, meaning you will always transact at a better rate on all your payments via Network Pay.

Are there any other benefits you offer not found in other groups?

In addition to the obvious savings on all international transfer fees above, the Buytasker system offers (inclusive of membership) an active procurement module. This allows you to source global products via the BT team with minimal effort and creates healthy and additional income streams.

Can you summarise the other benefits the Buytasker system can bring to my company if I join?

All the following additional benefits can be discussed on membership application; Block Chain B.O.Ls, an interactive Network Mobile App, both for business and social and a comprehensive CRM which works in real time to update everyone in the chain on the progress of sales leads.

How many members do you allow per country, or city?

The Five Star philosophy has never been to saturate countries or regions, in fact Five Star and PFI grew on the popularity of their sole agency policies. However in return for such exclusivity we ask all members to be proactive, be good payers and attend our conferences regularly. If they do not meet these obligations, another agent is recruited into their territory to provide stimulus to that area.

For larger countries we do allow multi agents of course to provide suitable coverage and to allow for increased populations.

In GSFN this is now an open network so there is no exclusivity.

Why have 3 Networks when you can do it in 1?

The simple fact is most networks out there have multi agents in all their countries. Our philosophy was to retain as much as we could the valued sole agency principle.

That meant having 3 networks with one agent in each country, rather than 3 agents in each country for one network.

A much more suitable scenario for any agent seeking to join!

Do you have payment protection?

Our Network Pay system incorporates a system called Escrow Pay, This enables you to lock in agreed funds on a forward contract, and authorise the release of those funds on an agreed pay date. (Similar to the workings of an L/C) If anything goes wrong, the payer has the power to stop the Escrow Payment. This is greatly beneficial for agents who are new to the group where individual terms are not established or amounts that run higher than set credit limits between members.

How can I enquire about membership and current vacancies?

Please click on the link below to send a membership enquiry.


Access Members Area to send and receive RFQs to and from other Network Members, make International Payments in a ‘Fee Free’ economy using PFI Network Pay.


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Established in 2008, with 248 offices in 168 countries, PFI offers its members a truly global coverage coupled with a network of highly professional and trusted agents ready to work with you.

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