Our Financial Benefits

In addition to business from our global partners inside the Network all our members receive a constant and ever growing stream of additional request for quotations from direct shippers via our platform, which acts as a digital salesman.


Additional Business.

Receive ongoing additional business also from other forwarders (connected via an alliance of very trusted networks) that provide an overspill solution, in case their own network cannot service their enquiry.

Or use the alliance in reverse and send RFQs to any agent where one of our partners cannot fulfil your enquiry either on price or service details.

The link to the alliance effectively means you do not have to go to the expense of joining other networks and therefore can find all your logistical supply chain solutions under one cloud.


Source Customer Products.

Access to a full procurement module that globally sources your own clients requested products, and earns you healthy commissions on both the cargo and freight value, which effectively creates a mini sourcing business within your own freight forwarding business without effort.