Our Network Profile


The Professional Forwarders Network was established in 2009.

The Five Star Freight Systems Global Agency Networks were established in 2004. Collectively they form the complete alliance, which takes in the following groups;

The Five Star Freight Systems Network
The PFI Network
The GSFN Network


Our office locations cover nearly all the major ports and airports globally.

Our complete alliance covers more than 800 offices in over 180 countries worldwide, taking in thousands of staff who collectively share a vast amount of professional and invaluable industry experience.

Within Five Star and PFI, we have a primarily sole agency policy which is both popular and rewarding for our members.

However we do adopt duel agencies in certain areas and for specific reasons. For GSFN this is an open, non exclusive Network which differs slightly to the others as it encourages both specialised and general business.

In 2018 we made an important and strategic decision to partner up with a very forward thinking company, Buytasker, who have are bringing now another dimension in system operations and huge benefits to all our members via the introduction of their digital platform.

The Five Star Alliance continues to be a leader in International Networking. Established 14 years ago, and with 25 global conferences behind us, and now with the huge added value of all our technology products, we believe we offer a great balance of reputation and value.