Our Network Benefits

Be part of a very well established group of Networks founded in 2005, so you can be assured of longevity and a large trusted core membership base who have developed good relationships and good credit history records over many years.


A very competitive annual membership subscription.

There are no joining fees or fees for additional offices.

We levy no set up or administration costs.

Annual Global Conferences.

You will receive an invitation to our group’s global conference, a highly organised professional event which focuses on strengthening and developing global business and solidifying friendships across the world.

All our partners go the extra mile to assist each other and it is a great benefit to have friends in nearly all major cities and ports across the globe.

Our philosophy has never been to saturate our groups with a huge number of agents in each country.

We offer in the main sole agencies in the Five Star and PFI General Freight Networks to create a family feel (except countries with large populations and / or geographic areas) where we do engage multi agencies.

We do however revert to duel agencies if the Network recognises the need for a secondary option in any area.

For GSFN, this is now an open network to stimulate business in every direction, and to provide choice and diversity in all trade lanes. GSFN also promotes specialist, niche and project business.


Access Members Area to send and receive RFQs to and from other Network Members, make International Payments in a ‘Fee Free’ economy using PFI Network Pay.


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Established in 2008, with 248 offices in 168 countries, PFI offers its members a truly global coverage coupled with a network of highly professional and trusted agents ready to work with you.

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