Our Technology Benefits

All members joining gain immediate access to our digital platform.

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Become a Digital Forwarder.

This enables you to become a Digital Forwarder in line with the direction our industry is taking, and without any investment on your part.

This is because the Network has invested in the technology, so our members don’t have to.

Our system.

A system that produces quotes faster and smarter than ever before.

A one system access point to track and trace any shipment in the world, for any carrier.

A system that talks seamlessly and globally to other cargo software systems, meaning you can continue to use any current system you have invested in.

Block Chain Bill of Ladings that contain all electronic data for an entire shipment, which are 100% confidential to you.

Stay Connected with our Network Mobile App.

A Network Mobile App that allows you to access the Network Cloud and stay in touch 24/7 wherever you are. The App has both business and social sections so all Network activity can be viewed wherever you are.

Secure and Fee Free International Payments.

A Network Pay system that allows you to pay all you partners and be paid by them with no bank charges in 25 seconds. All transactions made in NW Pay are accompanied with premier x/r rates, with the added comfort of no scamming.

Escrow payments within the NW Pay system enable our partners to lock in forward payments to an agreed date, ideal for amounts that exceed set limits or when dealing with new partners.


Access Members Area to send and receive RFQs to and from other Network Members, make International Payments in a ‘Fee Free’ economy using PFI Network Pay.


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Established in 2008, with 248 offices in 168 countries, PFI offers its members a truly global coverage coupled with a network of highly professional and trusted agents ready to work with you.

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